Mr Visibility Reflective Belt Combo.

The Best Reflective Running Gear Set

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High Visibility Reflective Belt Vest Combo

Set of reflective belt + 2x reflective bands + Hi-Vis Baseball Cap

High Visibility dual reflective strips

No batteries & elastic material

Choose wear the belt, bands or both at same time, giving a large area of reflectiveness

Lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable

Running, cycling, dog walking or other outdoor activity can be dangerous for your safety on the road. Whether you are wearing dark clothing or any running lights, it can be difficult to be seen by motorists or cars. This hi vis bundle is a very good solution to be safe, get high visibility is critical for your life.

Mr Visibility Reflective Belt Vest Combo is sold in set of three safety clothing. A top visibility set composed of a reflective elastic belt, high visibility reflective cap and reflective elastic bands, so you can wear together or separated -can be used on waist or chest (belt) and ankle, wrist or arms (bands)-, like a top reflective vest but much more comfortable.

Elastic Waist Belt Size (unstretched): 45 inch long – 2 inch wide. Elastics Bands Size (unstretched): 12 inch long – 2 inch wide. Belt is placed with heavy duty clip. Bands are easily fastens with durable velcro. These stay in place and won’t move around.

With Mr Visibility Reflective Belt Combo you will be fully visible 360 degrees! 


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 Set includes, 1 belt, and 2 ankle bands and baseball cap. Ankle bands secure with velcro, strong velcro. The belt secures with a heavy duty clip. Belt is adjustable. This set is great for anyone who runs, walks, bikes, etc…. Set is very lightweight, fits comfortably, and reflects light very well …
Amy, USA.
Cool reflective belt and ankle bands! I’ve used it cycling and running late afternoon/night. I like it because it is comfortable and great for visibility out on the road!
Ruth, USA.
My kids will be safe riding their bikes. Every summer my kids are taking bike rides every summer and I always afraid of reckless drivers. Now I can be comfortable because those vests are having great visibility and reflect light in dusk ...
Lola, USA.
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