About Mr Visibility

Who We Are?

Mr Visibility is a global company that sells hi vis reflective & LED products and sports clothing to the world, with an aim of supplying high quality safety gear products to our customers. Our portfolio is addressed to outdoor activities and sports, such as: running, walking, hiking, biking, cycling, children safety, roadside safety, train & airport safety, military, …

We have a marketing plan to develop our business adding new quality products and markets.

Why Choose Us?

What services do you provide?

Currently, we sell products with reflective and LED elements to help people to protect their life while doing any outdoor activity or job. On the other hand, we can study the supplying of specific items for some wholesaler clients.

How long will it take?

Basically, we work closely with Amazon in order to give a high response in delivery time and customer service. For example, for US residents, we serve products between 1-4 days via UPS.

How much will it cost?

Regarding retail orders, you can take a look at our prices in our Amazon store. Regarding wholesale orders, will depend of the quantity, product, delivery time, etc. You are free to contact us.


Are you interested?

We are offering great discounts for wholesaler and retailer businesses.
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