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Reflective Band (6 Bands/3 Pairs)

High Visibility Safety Gear for Running, Bike, Dog Walking, Jogging | Wearable as Ankle Bands, Armband, Wristbands | Made of Silver Strap, Elastic

  • SILVER REFLECTIVE TAPE GIVES PREMIUM VISIBILITY! 360° reflectivity and high visibility more powerful (similar to 3M Scotchlite) than standard reflective tape used by competence
  • SAVING LIVES FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Great reflective gear accessory for any outdoor activity at night! You will be visible for drivers. Perfect reflectors for bike, running, jogging, dog walking, bicycle and more
  • EASY TO USE, FOR MEN, WOMEN & KIDS. It is lightweight, versatile, comfortable and fully adjustable, so it can be used as an armband, ankle band or wrist band. One pair measures 12 inches x 2 inches, the another 14 inches x 2 inches and the last one 16 inches x 2 inches (unstretched)
reflective bands set
  • BE VISIBLE WITHOUT BATTERIES. Mr Visibility reflector band are sold in set of 6x (3 pairs) with reflective tape for more quality and comfort. Unlike those expensive Led armbands / ankle bands, forget about buying batteries every 10 days and saving money without losing safety!

    Exercising at Night Being Invisible for Drivers? We Have a Solution!

    Jogging, cycling, hiking or other outdoor activity can be dangerous. Whether you are wearing dark clothing or any running lights, it can be difficult to be seen by motorists or drivers. Reflective bands are a very good solution to be safe, get high visibility is critical.

    When You Purchase the Mr Visibility Reflective Bands Today You will Be Safe. Why?

    - Made of Silver High Reflective Elastic Tape (reflectivity more powerful than standard material). CE, ANSI, TÜV certifications.
    - Peace of mind. Be visible from over 1,000 feet, no batteries needed, no extra costs.
    - Comfortably and easily fastens with durable hook and loop fastener. These stay in place without moving around.
    - Can also be used on your ankles, wrists or arms.
    - Are heavy-duty & long-lasting safety clothing.

    What's Included?

    - 2x Reflective Ankle Bands 12” x 2”.
    - 2x Reflective Armbands 14” x 2”.
    - 2x Reflective Armbands 16” x 2”.

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    - 2x Reflective Ankle Bands 12” x 2”.
    - 2x Reflective Armbands 14” x 2”.
    - 2x Reflective Armbands 16” x 2”.


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