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LED Safety Lights (3 Pack) Set

Strobe Light Bike, Running, Dogs, Walking | The Best High Visibility Accessories for Your Reflective Gear, Bicycle Helmet, Runner Vest, Pet Collar

    • HIGH VISIBILITY & TOP QUALITY - This safety lights 3-pack is small, lightweight, durable and robust, with 5 ultra bright LED per device with 3 illumination setting modes: steady, slow flash and strobe (fast flash). Powered by two coin batteries -CR2032- (already fitted) giving powerful brightness up to 100 hours
    • GREAT FREE BONUSES – Includes 3x devices, 4x extra spare CR2032 battery, 3x Velcro straps (for mounting the LED lights to bike helmet, dog collar, leashes, running gear, backpack, etc), 1x Mini screwdriver (for replacing batteries hassle free)
    led lights
    • EASY TO USE, COMFORTABLE & WEATHER RESISTANT - User friendly, just 1 click on button is necessary to switch to any of 3 illumination modes available. Clips on anywhere you want, the safety lights are fastened securely and effortless portables, usable under any weather condition
    • A MUST HAVE FOR LIGHT BIKES OR RUNNING LIGHT - The best choice for any reflective gear accessory, unlimited applications. This essential safety gear gives off a super bright light for be visible and safe in any outdoor activity at night or daytime, ideal for runners, cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, motor bikers, etc
    led lights

    Mr Visibility LED Safety Light 3-Pack

    Outdoor Activity at Night Being Invisible for Drivers? Can you afford not to be seen?

    Every year in the US, thousands cyclists, pedestrians and other are killed in the traffic. Running, cycling, dog walking or other outdoor activity can be dangerous for your safety on the road. Many of these accidents could have been avoided just by wearing high visibility safety gear, such as our LED lights set. It provides you the protection and safety necessary to be seen in any low visibility situation!

    Features and Benefits

    ✔Ultra bright LEDs, 5 glowing lights per device
    ✔3 setting modes: steady, fast strobe, slow flash accessible by just one click
    ✔Strong secure clip, attaches to clothing or accessories along with velcro straps for providing better versatility
    ✔Durable up to 100 hours with replaceable batteries, spare battery included
    ✔Weather resistant and great portability

    What's Included?

    - 3x LED Safety Light devices
    - 3x Velcro Straps
    - 4x Extra Batteries (total 10)
    - 1x Mini Screwdriver

    A Fundamental LED Device for Multiple Outdoor Activities

    Provides safety lights for runners / bikers / pets / walking / safety child,…
    Essential safety gear either in the daytime or at night, attachable to dog collar, leashes, bike helmet, bicycle, reflective clothes, clothing, backpack, etc.


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    - 3x LED Safety Light devices 
    - 3x Velcro Straps 
    - 4x Extra Batteries (total 10) 
    - 1x Mini Screwdriver.


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